LipToxyl x3

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LipToxyl x3

product #:  l011
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a new lip-plumping, line-lifting powerhouse that makes invasive lip injections a thing of the past.

Ultra-lightweight formula hydrates, soothes and volumizes lips with Lip Response Technology, a scientific blend of naturally-derived ingredients. This technology remodels, repairs and continuously replumps lips for younger-looking contours and a cushiony fullness.

Paraben free.

The results are dramatic. Tests prove it.*
This super-charged version of our best-selling advanced lip plumping innovation features a new three-fold approach to re-hydrate, re-smooth and re-volumize lips
  •             instantly fills in fine lines
  •             Plumps now and later
  •             Banishes wrinkles
  •             Boosts hydration

After three hours of use, clinical tests revealed lips that are:
  •             155% more hydrated
  •             158% fuller
  •             533% less lined
* Based on a clinical study of 12 volunteers.

Packaging: Square metalized silver vial with box.